Vitamix CIA Professional Series Reviews

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On June 25, 2013
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Vitamix 1709-Vitamix CIA

I have to admit that I am a lazy person. I don’t like to waste my time on cooking, but I care about the nutrition of food, so the cooking machine helps me much. And the blender of Vitamix CIA Professional Series is my favorite one, which accompanied me for several months. I am so eager to share the best points with you.
The first one I have to recommend is its powerful motor, with 2-peak horsepower that propels blades up to 240 mph to blend the toughest ingredients. I usually use it to blend some nuts, for example blending the peanuts, which is delicious when put an egg into. I have used other style blenders ever, but they were not perfect. Some of them are easily broken, some can’t provide the smoothly soup.

Vitamix CIA Professional Series Reviews
The second one I have to praise is cleaning the bender is so convenient. The blender of Vitamix CIA Professional Series has a system of quick and easy self-cleaning with a drop of dish soap and warm water and it just needs high for 30 seconds. You know, it is so important for a lazy guy.
The third one I have to point out is that you can create smoothies, hot soups, and frozen desserts in a single machine, which maybe the cause why welcomed so many person. As far as I know, there are fewer blenders could finish it.

The next one point, I don’t want to exaggerate, but I have to tell you, the Vitamix has joined with the Culinary Institute of America to design the CIA Professional Series, which is the only blender trusted by the CIA to train the next generation of professional chefs. Maybe it is not the most important point, but it tells me that there is someone else also like it.

The 7-year full warranty makes me trust it more, I had bought several blenders ever, and they only had 1-year, at most 3-year full warranty. But the Vitamix CIA Professional Series can promise to provide the 7-year full warranty. In my opinion, only the best machine does have enough encourage to promise so long time for warranty.

Until now, there must be so many people want to ask how much is it. I am excited to tell you, it is so cheap. It was putted my $150.00 credit, plus the 20% off Voucher which took off another $100.00 toward my new Vita-Mix. It is unbelievable, because this price give me more than I want.
The only point I don’t like is the 64-ounce container, which is perfect for family meals and entertaining. But it is too large for me. Maybe a family with several kids would love the big container.

This Vitamix CIA Professional Series Reviews is fair.In the end, I don’t want to waste any more time to talk about this blender. Just hurry up to buy one and test it. This incredible machine would not make you down. It is worthy to own one at home.


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